Staffs Tablr


Staffs Tablr was made with one intention: create an easier way for students to access and read their Staffs timetables, whether it be on a desktop, tablet or a mobile phone.


While this system is not affiliated or endorsed in any way by Staffordshire University, all of the data is taken from the Universities timetables themselves. This is accomplished using a web scraper, which will go through every modules timetable page and get all the relevant information.

Next, that info is passed along to a program to serve that information as an easy to access to API, which is used in both the basic Web version and the Android App. If you would like access to that API, just send me an email ( and I'll pass along the information.


While I try my best to ensure that the timetable data is correct and up to date, it runs on an automatic system which applies the same rule to every page. However, this isn't how the timetable system works in reality. There are 1800+ modules on the system, so for some modules the data is going to be incorrect. Therefore I suggest highly that before you rely on this app, ensure that the data it has provided you for this week is indeed correct, then continue using.

If the data is not correct, please contact me below and tell me which module it is (Either the full name or the module code) and I'll look into fixing it as soon as possible. Some modules need to be done on a per-module basis to ensure the data retrieved is correct.


You can email me directly at, or you can use the form below. I'll try and respond to any bug reports or suggestions you have for Tablr.

Message sent, I'll try and respond as soon as possible :~)


Thanks to the people who helped test the app: Sam Ulewich, Jonathan Steward and Jack Clews. Also thanks to Jamie Dowen for coming up with this incredibly original name.